Home Decoration Ideas – Make The Neighborhood Envious!

When you think about changes to your home interior, whether it is for a couple of rooms or for the entire house, your first thought is of color. As would everyone, you too would tend to choose your favorite colors generally, or colors which match your furniture pieces. However, a majority of people miss out on the most outstanding basic color combination – white and black – when looking for home decoration ideas.These two colors, white and black, create a sensation in home decorating. White and black together create drama and pizazz. A dash of black can beautify every room. This is an anchoring color and it grounds a room. It is eye-catching and speaks of a sophistication all its own. If you are using this color for enhancing your decor, you may like the idea of choosing accessories of this color such as furniture, trim or light fixtures. Black is the only color that creates a focus in a room, standing out boldly and making its own statement.Use of white and black in home decoration makes an impact by creating a fresh, clean and elegant atmosphere. Any room in the house can benefit from this combination, creating a sophisticated space. Contemporary home decorating ideas often use this combination of white and black and in French Country Design, it is used to enliven other colors. Though it is difficult to imagine, there are a lot of wonderful ideas of home decoration with the use of only these two base colors.Home decorating takes a great start if you focus on the flooring first, making a beautiful checkerboard pattern using white and black vinyl tiles alternatively laid. It really looks fantastic and elegant. Another wonderful idea is to use black marble flooring and accentuate it with wide white baseboards. Or you could paint the floor white or black and decorate it with stencils of the opposite color, or use black bordered white ceramic tiles to create a great effect.Can you imagine anything more perfect than pure white walls? White walls or even an off-white color makes an ideal background for artworks framed in black. What a striking effect it would have! An aura of sophistication is created with elegant black treatments for windows or black shutters against a pure white wall. Perhaps black chairs lying around a glass-top black iron-trim table would complete the picture.It would be lovely to decorate a bedroom using white and black. Iron bed-frame in white or black, covered with a comforter with white and black stripes; all white or all black pillow shames, with opposite colored cushions thrown in would be outstanding. The corner of the room could have a lovely white or black leather chair to accentuate it. For a contemporary feel, a piece of artwork elegantly framed in black handing on white walls would suffice. The pure white walls could provide a great background for the neat and tidy black furniture. The room could be jazzed up with silver candlesticks, pewter or vases and jugs. With a little color to enhance the beauty of the room, a bold colored cushion or throw in gold or red for the corner chair in the room would complete the picture.There are numerous ideas to decorate a home. The trick is to find the one that suits you, even though it is great to do something radically new. After all, you must be able to really enjoy living in it day in and day out.